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Email marketing has gotten a lot of popularity over the years. Even though it feels spammy, its impact cannot be denied for any reason. Email marketing allows you to connect with an audience; no matter their size, to promote your brand or service and increase sales.

There are other things one can do with email marketing such as selling products, sharing news, and even telling a story! If you want to learn how to use email marketing to make more sales, you need to read through the entire article.

Email marketing is very direct and effective in connecting a brand or business to leads. This enables you to convert these leads to customers, after spending some time nurturing them.

What Is Email Marketing ?

Email marketing is simply the work of sending business messages to a typical group of public using emails. The typical group of people must be in possession of an email address, and the brand must have considered that they are potential customers.

Some parts of the group of people might be existing customers of the brand, and the email sent to them would be to make them aware of the new products of the brand. The whole procedure involves using an email to send Ads, make business requests, and solicit donations or sales. It is intended to build trust, loyalty, and brand awareness between the brand the customer.

Emails meant for marketing are usually sent to a lead list purchased by the brand or to their current customer database. The purpose is to enhance the relationship of the merchant with the current or previous customers. In most cases, the common intention is to make the customers purchase a new product as soon as possible.

It encourages customer loyalty. Even though acquiring new customers and convincing the current customers to purchase the products of the brand immediately is not left out. Other purposes can be for sharing third-party ads.

Does Email Marketing Work Appropriately?

There is an area of doubt in the mind of many to ascertain that email marketing is as effective as professed to be. One cannot give a hundred percent assurance on anything in life. However, there are proven ways that show the effectiveness of email marketing.

Simply put, email marketing is among the most cost-effective ways to communicate information about your brand and sell your products. In 2015, a study was carried out by the DMA, and they discovered that there is a $38 return on investment (ROI) for every $1 spent on email marketing.

Only a few investments have that kind of return ratio. Whenever customers are interested in any product, all they do is look for the email where the product was advertised. They do not have to go to the store to ask the salesperson questions on the product or search the counter for the product.

Once they receive an email on the product, the brand has a level of assurance that they would purchase the purchase at some point. However, a lot of brands are users of email marketing, and people receive emails every day.

It is challenging to look for specific emails when there are hundreds of emails to check. However, some tools ensure your emails are outstanding and easy to locate by your customers.

The Significance of Email Marketing

Even though a lot of people today are faced with receiving a lot of spam on the email inboxes, email marketing is still the most efficient way to maintain leads and turn them into customers. There are several reasons why email marketing can’t be overlooked.

Communication: It is a fact that at least 91% of customers check their email every day. Not just checking alone, but it is also a fact that emails attract more attention from the user than other social media platforms.

There is a lot of spam in email inboxes, but whatever would make a person open one out of the limitless spam would be a message worthy of attention. Besides, emails are not like other social media platforms where you get tons of notifications every second.

Lastly, email is more formal for communication than most other social media platforms.

It stays forever: Other social media accounts can get suspended or deleted at any time, commonly without prior notice. However, your email list belongs to you and nothing or no one can take them away from you. This is safe and ideal for business purposes due to the security of files.

Easy Conversion: From statistics, people who buy products through their email spend 138% more than those that do not receive email offers. It is no surprise that the ROI value of email marketing is 3800%. Some might say that social media converts better; that’s only if you don’t know that the average order value of an email is 3X higher than social media.

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The Pros and Cons Of Email Marketing

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  • Saves Cost: According to the Business Marketing Plan website, maintaining an email and accumulating emails is quite easier and cheaper than gathering folders for standard mail addresses.
    The cost of the response of an email is far cheaper than standard mail, and it required only some kilobytes of your data. Standard mail requires you to sign up for a response card which you would then print and pay for return postage.
  • Tracking: Emails are easy to track. You can tell the ones you just received, and you can monitor the activity of your email addresses. Email campaigns are easier to track than standard mail campaigns.
  • Time-Saving: Emails are created in a matter of time, depending on the message you want to pass across and how fast you can type it. However, sending the mail would only take a few seconds to reach places all over the world. The response to messages is also as fast as sending the messages.


  • Excess Mail: People receive a lot of mail from different brands on a daily basis. It is possible for a customer or prospect to delete your mail before they even read it. Since you are using bulk email programs, you mail might end up in the spam folder and might never be seen again.
  • Reputation: If your brand is getting popular among customers as one major source of their spam, then your reputation might begin to dwindle.
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How to Improve Your Open Email Rates

No matter how many emails you send and how much you invested in sending it, you are wasting your time if the email doesn’t get opened by the recipient. However, there are several ways to get your messages opened more frequently by the recipients.

  • Avoiding Spam Filters: The biggest problems for emails are getting sent to the spam folder of the recipient. Once you have permission to send the emails and you choose a reputable email service provider, this should not be a problem.
    However, some practices would prevent your mail from entering the spam folder. They include using god IP addresses, avoiding sales-like language, including your location, etc. among others.
  • Removing Inactive Subscribers: Emailing your subscribers frequently is a great thing to avoid going stale, but you have to be watchful of subscribers that become inactive over time.
    Some might have changed email accounts or are not just interested in you anymore. Keep track of these changes to ensure you don’t waste your time and effort on inactive subscribers.
  • Perfect Timing: Sending your messages at the right time would increase your chances of getting read by the recipient. Humans want you to tell them what they want when they want it, even without letting you know what they need.
    However, it is not impossible to know what they want when they want it. Performing A/B tests to identify the best timeframe would come in handy here.
  • Outstanding Subject Line: Your subject lines determine if your message is going to get read in full. Make sure your subject lines entice curiosity, make it fun and conversational, speak in the language and style the subscribers use and use numbers.
  • Write It To A Single Person: No matter the number of people receiving your message content, make sure to write it as if it is for a single person. Make it personal for the reader, and it will gain their interest.
  • Make It Friendly: If you want to entice that teenager that loves clothes or that nursing mother that purchases your products, you had better drop the formal and corporate talk down at the office.

No one wants to read your corporate talk just because you want them to buy your products. People are looking for reasons not to read your messages, so try to make them more appealing to their interests.

How Can I Get Email List?

What you need to get an email list is to attract people’s interest. This is known as a lead magnet. It includes eBooks, free webinar, free trial, free consultation, tips and resources, a coupon, and a quiz, to mention a few.

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Can I Purchase Email List?

You should not purchase email lists. These lists are ineffective, and they impact everyone one way or the other. Sending mail to a list of addresses you bought would make your messages identified as spam.

Besides, spam filters can also detect an IP address that has sent spam in the past. You must ensure you get permission from the person receiving your messages, and the permission must be verifiable.

How Do I Generate A Test Campaign?

Creating a test campaign is very important. You would have to choose a factor that defines success for you. The factors could be some clicks, opens, or even the money earned. All these results or factors determine if you are on the right track to where you intend in the email marketing.

An email marketing service provider would help you collect the results based on your interest and show you the winner. You can also make the process automatic too. Inform your service provider to send you the winning campaign, and there you have it.

Email Marketing Through Autoresponders

Autoresponders make email marketing much easier than it normally would be. An autoresponder is a specified sequence of emails that automatically sends to a specific set of people on your email list.

It is usually triggered by certain events such as newly joining your list, abandoning carts, browsing behavior, downloading a file, or buying a product. Once the person performs any of these events, they would get the email immediately.

The contents of the autoresponder series are created before being used to ensure that the user gets it once they perform the required action.

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