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Content marketing is yet another strategy that is used for gaining mileage in the business world as it has helped many businesses grow and achieve success over the years. The use of content marketing in business has become so popular especially these days where everyone is going online.

The world has gone digital thanks to the technological advancements that happen on a day to day basis. A lot of businesses and enterprises are harnessing the power of technology in running their affairs.

If you have a business and still haven’t gone online, then you are truly lagging. And if you have already embraced digital marketing, then content marketing is something that you have definitely heard of or will soon hear of.

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Why Is Content Marketing Essential?

If by now you still don’t know why you should embrace and use content marketing, then this segment is for you. There are numerous reasons why content marketing should be in your marketing strategy mix. It is therefore good to understand why you need content marketing in your business first before you can chip it in. Content marketing focuses on the following main cycles in their order:

  • Awareness: Often customers know what they need but are not aware if there is a solution to it. Content marketing comes in to give awareness of a possible solution to customers’ needs.
  • Research: Once you have provided a solution for the customer’s needs through content marketing, the customer would need to be provided with information about that solution. This is by giving them a variety to research and come up with a decision. For instance, a customer who needs a mobile phone will research several brands and types before finally settling on one to buy.
  • Consideration: On this stage, the products that the customer has sampled out are compared to give them sufficient information on each one of them.
  • Buy: This is the final stage after all comparison has been made and the customer has settled on one product to buy.

Content marketing is largely involved in the first two stages of the buying cycle which include awareness and research. Potential customers should, therefore, find value in your content marketing mix. When customers are looking for information, they should get it in plenty from you.

When you decide to invest in content marketing, you are assured of a return on investment. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend much money or time on it for the returns to be seen.

In addition to all the benefits above that are brought by content marketing, one other advantage you get is that it supports other digital marketing channels. Most of the other digital marketing channels depend on content marketing in one way or the other.

 For instance, social media marketing would need content supplied so that it can work effectively. These among many other reasons should motivate you to include content marketing in your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Platforms

Content marketing tends to be the best way to join with the target audience. As a digital marketer, you should work on developing your content marketing diagram diligently. To achieve the best result, however, you ought to know the best platforms for your content marketing.

So what types of platforms should you use? We researched some of the major content marketing platforms. Check them out:

  • Prezi
  • Storify
  • HubSpot
  • Klout
  • Outbrain
  • BuzzSumo
  • Scribble Live
  • Hemingway
  • Curata
  • SnapApp
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Advantages of Content Marketing on SEO

As stated earlier, content marketing supports most of the other digital marketing channels. In this case, we will take a look at how it supports SEO. SEO involves manipulating words on content so that the information can always appear at the top of the search engine. Content marketing ensures that there’s creativity in the use of SEO so that information is relevant to the customers.

Search engines seek to match the most relevant information and highest quality content provided to the search queries from users. The relationship between SEO and content marketing is therefore direct. SEO requires content which is both relevant and of high quality to the user.

There’s no way you can use SEO without the right content; it would be like using a gun without bullets. SEO, therefore, needs words, substance, articles, and keywords. To rank well on search engines such as Google, you would need to have more content and keywords.

It is essential that you do some keyword research before content marketing so that you are sure of the words you are using. The words that you use should be able to place your content among the first on the search results.

In your written content, you should have particular keywords that rank higher in search engines. When you have more keywords, this implies that you will also have more content.

Another important factor to consider in SEO is acquiring backlinks. Backlinks earn your trust from search engines such as Google. When other websites link to your content, then you are on the right track to becoming a respected authority by Google.

This also increases the rank on the search results. To earn backlinks, you will have to deliver relevant and beneficial content that is also interesting to the readers. The content should also be unique and entertaining so that it will be able to motivate other websites to choose your work.

Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Why Content Marketing?

To many, content marketing is a subset of inbound marketing. When trying to differentiate the two from each other, CM involves sharing knowledge, advice and other important information and channels including:

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Inbound marketing focuses on using CM to generate leads. These leads are what turn into sales at the end of the day. Inbound marketing is more general and thus uses even other channels of digital marketing to achieve its course.

The manner in which customers are targeted in either inbound or CM also differs. CM is focused on a general audience while inbound marketing focuses on specific audiences.

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Content Marketing vs. Traditional Copywriting

CM makes use of digital channels such as blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media sites to achieve its role while traditional copywriting uses magnetic headlines, conversion-driven headlines and landing pages too.

In a smart strategy that is focused on marketing, they can both work hand in hand. Most businesses today are using CM as compared to traditional copywriting. Therefore you can incorporate both in your marketing mix.

How Long Does Content Marketing Need To Work?

CM can either take too long or short to work effectively for your favor. This is because it depends on the efforts and creativity that you put in. The more creative you are, the better placed your content is to be seen by many and appreciated. More traffics equal more sales, and this is what you should be focused at all the time.

The basic thing that you need to know is that content marketing is fully depended on content. Your content should be consistent, interesting, entertaining and most of all meaningful to the customers.

Additional Forms of Content Marketing

We have already seen and discovered the various forms of CM that are available. There are several additional forms of CM, and these include the following:

  • Web pages
  • Podcasts
  • Books and journals
  • Audios and videos
  • Whitepapers
  • Presentations

Of course, there are more forms of CM, but the above are the main ones that you would need to know.

Is Content Marketing Perfect for All Levels Of The Buying Cycle?

The worst mistake you can do as a content marketer does not know your audience. You should be able to identify with your audience whether young or old, male or female. This is what will determine whether your content will appeal to them or not.

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