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Backlinks Building Strategies for Beginners

Backlinks are sites that give links back to your site. It is a supreme ranking factor, especially for search engines, although getting more organic traffic affects ranking more than backlinks. Building backlinks for your site are one of the ways to push your site up the ranks. This is because sites that backlink yours would only do so if the content on your site is quality.

However, the quality of your backlinks determines if you would generate traffic. Getting backlinks from high ranking sites would do well for your site’s traffic and ranks than getting backlinks from low ranking sites. But for today, we would focus on the most important factor for SEO; Backlinks.

Quality backlinks are hard to get, but let’s focus on understanding everything we can on backlinks first.

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What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the external links that direct users from one site to another site. Backlinks are the most important SEO factors, or probably one of them, which determines how search engines rank your site. The issue here is that site owners do not have much control over this metric. As a site owner, you would love to include backlinks.

However, you would also want backlinks from other sites to your site. In short, you need other sites and pages referencing your site with a link.

To get a clearer picture; backlinks work hand in hand with the organic traffic a site generates. This is when someone visits your site directly or through the ‘Search Engine Results Page’ (SERP). The website crawlers of search engines look for backlinks on websites when building their search engine index.


They do this to understand how your pages are connected. However, they also do this to tell how your content is related to other websites and pages. If your site meets their backlinks requirements, they will place your site or page on the SERP so that you can attract traffic organically for the right search queries.

The quality of your backlinks determines how well search engines would index and display your pages. Search engines index content according to relevance, and your backlinks is one way to prove that. If you generate backlinks to and from authoritative sites, you will receive a boost in ranking. This is because those sites are in high ranks for topics similar to yours.

When to Make Backlinks That Really Work?

Rushing into building backlinks is not the best option if you are new to it. There are several causes for your backlinks to fail which is why you are to understand when to build a backlink that would work. If your backlinks are very effective, you do not need much of them to achieve the ranking results you want.

The first thing to do is to fix all the technical issues of your site. If your site has a lot of technical issues, it can harm the User Experience (UX), and UX is very important to SEO. If you do not properly consider the UX, your backlinks would be close to ineffective. If you have ineffective backlinks, you would have to acquire more, and this would cost you a lot of money.

The common UX issues are site loading speed; duplicate content, mobile friendliness, canonical errors, wrong directives use, and duplicate META data. A simple way to fix this is to redirect chains. Instead of letting a particular site rob you of authority by acting as a buffer between you and the main site, you can just 301 redirect the main site to yours.

You should also try fixing broken external links, since every external link on your site leaks authority. Try to audit your site to find broken external links, including the content and comment sections external links. Use Ahrefs to find broken external links easily. Just go to outgoing links and click on broken links.

Another thing to do is to develop a strong architecture for your site. Intelligent site architecture is a great way to get the most from link building. Instead of trying to acquire backlinks to bad pages, you can use the reverse silo method. This method is for acquiring backlinks from pages rich in content.

It is a very good approach to generating backlinks because people are more willing to link to a site with valuable information than one that is sales driven. The reverse silo method is to distribute link authority from the assets of your content to your page for sales through internal linking.

Finally, try to create linkable assets. No matter how much you try, you would see little or no backlink effects if your site has no linkable asset. A linkable asset is a page or post that is based solely on passing information. Linkable assets from valuable contents are more scalable in the future than most other forms of acquiring backlinks.

The more people find your content informative, the more you earn new backlinks from them without much effort. Nothing beats quality with quality. Once you have put all the three methods in place, then you are ready to build backlinks.

How to Make A Foundational Backlinks Building?

Every site should have foundational backlinks. They make your site more trustable. Why? Because you would only use unoptimized and branded backlinks from sites with authority. However, ensure that you only use naked links or branded anchors for your foundational backlinks.

The first step in building foundational backlinks is to ensure your social media properties are secure. For starters, you should have a Facebook account, a Twitter handle, a LinkedIn account, a Pinterest account, and an Instagram account. Having these platforms does not mean you have to market on them frequently.

Having them is what counts. Besides, the traffic you generate from each one of them is what counts. You have to choose on that works best for your business. These platforms act as your base in sharing contents.

Secondly, you should try to get business listings or citations. Google, a search engine, values business listings very much. It is one of their local search algorithms. Once you generate the great business citations, it should serve you well if you use them for SEO campaigns.

The great thing about business listings is that more than half of them give you one follow and unoptimized link. Business listings are one of the sure ways to build trust in your site. They are not 100% relevant to your site, but Google trusts them and is aware that many business types would use them.

Next, you should focus on niche-directed directories. These directories offer you a follow and relevant link. Backlinks don’t usually come with these characteristics, and it is something you should take advantage of if you are lucky to have one. Another one is the Geo-Targeted directories. If you are a local business, you must have a geo-targeted directory.

Why Backlinks Building is a MUST?

  • They Are Google’s Important Ranking Factor: It was revealed in 2016 by Google that the top three ranking factors they use are your backlinks, contents, and RankBrain. RankBrain is an artificial intelligence by Google that uses machine learning to filter the results they generate and improve the positioning of web pages in search results.

Aimlessly generating backlinks from other sites, regardless of quality, was the old way of ranking sites. This was the reason why many business sites built links through spam-filled sites with black hat SEO strategies. However, Google has changed this now. They can distinguish bad links from the good ones. The more backlinks you have, the better unless they are bad backlinks.

  • They Indicate How Other Sites Have Confidence In Your Site: The more you have good backlinks, the more you tell search engines that other sites trust your site. If you have many websites linking to your page, search engines would believe that your content is worth linking to.

This means that your page is popular, trustworthy, and has authority. The more your backlinks emanate from high ranking sites; the more Google would likely place you in their search results.

  • Backlinks Improve Traffic to Your Site: Web traffic and conversions go hand-in-hand. The more people get to your site, the more they are likely to sign up, call, enquire, or even make a purchase. Backlinks get you the exposure that you earnestly desire.

If you want to build backlinks to your site, try adding new items to your site. New items like blog posts would do you a great deal. According to research by Hubspot, ‘companies that blogs have 97% extra backlinks than companies that do not and eight out of ten people will click your content to read if your headline is appealing.

Don’t forget to update your site frequently. Google stops to look at your site now and then.

Best Ways to Get Backlinks Building Done Correctly

  1. Broken-Link Building Method: This method involves contacting a webmaster to report the broken links on their site while recommending other sites that can replace the broken link. The trick here is to mention your site. You are favoring the webmaster by pointing out the broken link on their site, and getting backlinks to yours in return.
  2. Infographics: This is a popular method of generating traffic to your site and getting backlinks. It is very easy to understand and share since everyone likes visual data. The demand for infographics is increasing daily, and you should capitalize on this.
  3. Guest Articles: By publishing guest posts on other websites, you get the chance to include backlinks to your site. New viewers read your content and get more exposure that way. It also increases your online reputation and your social media followers.
  4. Spying On The Competition: If you take building organic traffic seriously, you should stay up to date on what other people are doing. You can also check out their link-building techniques and their content marketing methods, to ensure that you are not lagging.
  5. Building Internal Links: This helps users navigate through your site with ease. They are like passing link juice, and you can use anchor texts if you want. It builds a better user experience on your site.
  6. Content Promotion: Creating great content would not get you far unless you promote it well and do it right. Try to make your content popular by promoting it on the platforms you can.
  7. Testimonials: It is a great idea to write testimonials for the websites you are using. All you need is a convincing write-up, and you can earn a link from an authoritative website’s homepage.
  8. Using Journalists And Important Bloggers: This method is to spread the word through people that have popularity and authority. Try to reach journalists and bloggers that are popular to help improve the popularity of your site.
  9. Donate: Donating to nonprofit organizations is a quick and straightforward way to earn backlinks. All you need to do is find nonprofit sites that accept donations and offer backlinks to the sites that donated.
  10. Getting Interviewed: Since you are a just starting, and can’t get interview invitations like popular bloggers, you should apply to websites that run interviews. Look for these sites and tell them you want to participate because you have some knowledge to contribute.
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What are Our Favorite Backlink Building Strategies?

Of all the methods mentioned above, Our favorite methods are the donation method and the guest post methods. Donations because it is a great way to give back to society no matter how little. Guest post because you are putting your content in front of a new audience. You need people to want your content before you can get backlinks.

Avoid Harmful Backlinks Building!

There are a lot of backlinks building strategies to avoid, or you’d risk getting a penalty on your site. One of the things to avoid is irrelevant links. They only get your site negative results. Public networks are to be avoided because they advertise their services are private blog networks.

Advertising a network isn’t something private. Google doesn’t approve of sites that use these networks. Following blog comments are one of the cheapest to get but are sure to land you a penalty.

Sidebar and footer backlinks are also risky, although they work sometimes. These footer links are usually site-wide links and can destroy your site especially if you have rich content.

What’s Next?

Links Building Strategies are very important to the overall popularity of your site. Earning them is usually very challenging, but using the right resources and methods would help you build them faster and better. Bear in mind that keeping backlinks and building them is very important.

Make sure you keep track of the backlinks on your site by using great tools to monitor them. As you keep track of them, do not forget to remove irrelevant and bad ones immediately. Failure to remove them might land your site a penalty.

Do not consider overcoming the penalty because the damage it will cause to your site is more than you think.

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